Even though SendItSecure™ is so easy to use, that does not mean it doesn't have features.  Check out the features below and watch the videos to see the benefit each one provides.

Strong, Two-Factor Authentication

Whether you are using fingerprint biometrics or passwords as your main authentication, each account is augmented with a private key creating two-factor authentication.

Seamless Outlook Integration

It's really just as easy as sending a normal message when using Outlook.  When you compose a message, simple ensure that that "Use SendItSecure" button is depressed, click "Send," and authenticate with either a quick fingerprint scan or your password.

Secure Message Pickup

If one of the recipients of your secure message is not in the SendItSecure™ system, that user will receive a link in his or her inbox to the message on a secure web server.  The user can be authenticated via a shared code, secret question/answer, access code via SMS, or none of the above.  The user can then create a password for the account, making each subsequent secure message very quick and easy.

Large File Transfer

Securely and easily share files of any size by simply attaching it to an e-mail.  SendItSecure™ will take care of it so that the normal mail server won't choke on it.

There is no limit to the size of file, even beyond 2, 3, or 4 GB.

Receipt Notification

If you need to know if and when a recipient has opened your message, SendItSecure will tell you.

API Integration

Send automated secure messages, like appointment reminders or bank alerts, using a simple SOAP web service.


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