To use SendItSecureTM, you must download and install the client application.  The setup program is digitally signed by our partner Coloflorida, LLC.

Which version do you want to download?

Protected Trust Outlook Add-in

If you are using Protected Trust, you can integrate it directly with Microsoft Outlook.

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SendItSecure 2.4

Select this version if you are using SendItSecure 2.4.

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SendItSecure 2.4 Alternate Build

If you are having trouble using SendItSecure with Outlook 2007 when creating messages from 3rd party applications, try this build.  It uses an alternate method for delivering encrypted messages by using the SendItSecure server to deliver messages.

Installer is digitally signed by Living Software, Inc.

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Due to export regulations on encryption software, use of SendItSecureTM is currently open only to United States residents. We can notify you when it's available in your country. Click here to get notified.