Feature Comparison

FeaturesAssociate (Free)Business EditionEnterprise Edition
Seamless Microsoft Outlook Integration send and receive message right from Microsoft Outlook
Works with Webmail
or any other e-mail client or service
Works with Mobile
send and receive secure mail from your iPhone, iPad, or Android-based phone.
Secure Message Pick-up
for communicating with non-SendItSecure™ members through online portal
Strong Encryption of Messages
256-bit AES encryption
Access to Web-based Technical Support
through feedback form and FAQ
Proof of Delivery Log
know who, when, and from where each message was opened.
Revoke Messages
prevent information leaks by revoking messages sent to wrong recipients.
Unlimited Number of Secure Messages
sent and received
10 free sends
Message Expiration
set a custom time-limit on messages to reduce risk information loss for data at rest
30 days fixed
Administrative Controls
claim ownership of your users
Access to E-mail and Phone Support
fast turn-around and knowledgeable support
Application Programming Inteface
send automated messages through a simple programmable interface
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